About DLS

Dedicated Logistics Services supplies companies with distribution solutions that slash costs while strengthening scheduled services.

DLS provides regional transportation coverage throughout major cities in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

We work intimately with each client to create smart transportation models that require business-specific input to maximize individual efficiencies.

Our Company

DLS prides itself on reliability and smooth integration; we both craft solutions on a case-by-case basis and operate as an organizational component.

Each DLS client is assigned a Project Management Team that monitors movement and links communication for every pick-up and delivery. The Teams ensure the accuracy of each transaction's information and guides deliveries to anticipated arrivals.

Expect punctuality and consistent reliability when DLS becomes a partner.

Our philosophy is simple: once a shipment is tendered to DLS, the information becomes our business. We reinforce this ethic by providing all of our clients with daily performance and detailed billing reports.

Our History

Founded in 2002, Dedicated Logistics Services was formed exclusively for businesses that require flexible and responsive services.

DLS owner Jonathan Smith recognized a niche in the marketplace for custom-built transportation solutions. This vision went one step further in assembling custom solutions that lowered the clients' costs while championing unrivaled service. Jonathan believes in a transportation model where communication becomes the engine that drives the machine. This commitment is evidenced by the assignment of client-specific Project Management Teams. To further support this business model, ownership guarantees that every member of the DLS management team has a background in transport operations AND customer service.

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